Flow Assurance Flow assurance projects involve most of the experience and capabilities of Carnahan Corporation. Our experience with hydrates began with cutting-edge gas dehydration applications for Prudhoe Bay and Mackenzie Delta. concerns subsea pipelines, transmountain pipelines, arctic pipelines, multiproduct batch pipelines, waxy crude pipelines, slurry pipelines, slack-line flow, multiphase flow, dispersions, emulsions, hydrates, distribution and collection networks, or similar real-world problems, rest assured that Carnahan has "been there and done that". This practical experience is at your service. * Waxy crude experience includes numerous onshore and subsea pipelines, in the North Sea, the Mediterranean, offshore West Africa, Gulf of Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, South China Sea, Newfoundland, Alaska, California, Louisiana, Texas, Michigan and China. * Transmountain pipeline experiences includes the Alyeska Pipeline (Brooks Range), Jet Fuel Pipeline in Guam, and Tarim Basin oil transport pipeline preliminary design. The Alyeska Pipeline is designed to operate in slack-line mode. High RVP fuel and volatile oil pipelines are usually designed to operate as tight lines, but the transmountain profile must be taken into account in the design and operating plan. * Multiproduct batch pipeline experience includes the Interstate Energy Company pipeline in Pennsylvania, a buried, insulated, heated oil pipeline system for transporting low-sulfur fuel oils to electric power plants in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The product slate ranges from GE-Grade No. 1 Fuel Oil to 140 F Pour Point Nigerian Residuum. Another multiproduct system is the UK National Fuel Distribution Grid, which was modeled and reviewed at the request of British National Oil Corporation. * Arctic pipeline experience includes review of hydraulics and slack-line flow behavior of the Alyeska Pipeline System, as part of the Design Review Team designated by the U.S. Department of the Interior. Carnahan also reviewed preliminary designs and studies for transportation of North Slope gas to the "Lower 48". Carnahan reviewed plans of El Paso LNG, for a proposed project involving a gas pipeline parallel to the Alyeska Pipeline, LNG production at Valdez, LNG transportation via ocean carriers to California, re-gasification of the LNG for distribution via the El Paso pipeline system. Carnahan reviewed thermophysical properties of North Slope gas for the Canadian Arctic Gas Group, relevant to their proposed design of a pipeline direct from the North Slope to the Chicago area. Carnahan reviewed dehydration and conditioning requirements of North Slope gas, and determination of compression requirements, for Northwest Energy Company, whose proposed pipeline would parallel the Alyeska Pipeline, then extend to the northern end of the Alcan Highway and follow that right-of-way to the Pacific Northwest, and distribution via the existing Northwest Energy Company pipeline system in the US. * Subsea Production Systems - Carnahan is experienced with commercial software used for steady-state and transient modeling of flow assurance systems, on land and subsea. * OLGA (Scandpower) * PipeSim (Schlumberger-Baker Jardine) * MultiFlash (Schlumberger-Infochemuk) * PVTSim (Calsep)